Work, I really don’t want to go in today.


ermahgerd! eh wermerns jerb is nerver dernnn!!

I need a foot spa, or something. my feet are so sore.
I am so excited to be off tomorrow. I’m going to catch up on some sleep. and hopefully get some laundry accomplished, we’ll see. I will probably need some alcohol to be able to make it through the whole day. better yet, I have some of those face masks, I might just have a mini spa day with my mom(: catch up on our shows in the DVR, and yeah.

reality check.

watching my new obsession, I happen to glance at the clock in the bottom right corner. then it hits me. shit, I have work in the morning. oh my goodness, I’m not even tired. or am I just so tired, I feel wide awake. because that’s happened to me before. but how in the hell I’m I going to fall asleep without being tired?! and manage to get enough sleep so I wont be a biggity bitch tomorrow at work. oh God, I’m going to die. wish me luck.