it’s 1 a.m. and I am lonely

I’m in need of Dr. Pepper. All that’s in the house is what’s left of the alcohol. 

oh, wait there is some milk. I don’t like milk, not to just casually drink.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy



: a feeling of great happiness

: a source or cause of great happiness : something or someone that gives joy to someone

: success in doing, finding, or getting something

My Joy comes from my family, without them I am nothing. They bring me happiness. to the point my stomache and head hurt from laughing so much. we can just be making funny faces in my webcam and someone will pee themselves laughing. I am so blessed to have these three in my life, and I’m so excited to see what this new year has in store for us!!

Today, it sucked.

So I started the day getting up late. Making me have less time with my brother who left today.

All day long Michael and I watched movie, Master of Disguise, and Forrest Gump. around 5 o’clock tonight his roomate shows up to pick him up, and take him back to Henryetta. We were pushin 6pm when dad finally came home and we said our goodbyes to Michael. Which made me sad.

Well, after Michael leaves Dad and I go to Taco Bell to get mom supper. Everything was going alright besides the fact we were all pretty bummed Michael left. After mom eats her grilled stuffed nacho and finishes her second ciggarette, dad and I say bye and head for the truck. We start down the road on the way home…… we run out of gas. So, dad and I have to push the truck back around the corner, and walk the block back to moms work to get her truck, and go get gas. On the way back from the gas station we notice a cop at the truck, so we didn’t stop. Niether of us having a license, it would of been bad. As we are driving back another cops pulls up to the truck, made dad and I scared. We came up with a plan to have mom go get the truck to avoid dad going to jail and getting a ticket. thank God mom got to leave work, they were about to tow the tuck! got home and been drinking ever since. I miss my brother, my day was shitty. I am glad to be off tomorrow, but I will be by myself. 

on a good note Kiara should come home from the vet tomorrow!!! Nahla has missed her greatly. and it will occupy my mind to have the dogs running around the empty house tomorrow. My relationship with Netflix is going to the next level tomorrow! Dexter allll day!


I had all these plans for this holiday week. but then, life happened.

I ran out of money sooner than I should’ve.

I almost died.

I still haven’t opeend all my gifts from Christmas.

my dogs had parvo, we thought we were going to lose them. thank God for Dr. Free.

my brother is going back to Henryetta tomorrow 😦